Within the wellness services we newly offer massages (available for hotel guests and general public as well).

Classical massage / health, regeneration, sports /

  • back  300 CZK
  • nape  200 CZK
  • nape + back (approx. 1 hr.)  500 CZK
  • upper limbs  200 CZK
  • lower limbs  400 CZK
  • chest, belly 200 CZK
  • full body massage (2 hrs.)  900 CZK
  • face  100 CZK
  • nape + back-flasks  550 CZK

Honey detoxification massage

Thanks to nutritious substances contained in honey and special movements this kind of massage technique leads to leaching of toxins - harmful substances for a long period of time accumulated in the body of the client and permanently weakening its immunity. The consequence of this is extremely effective - not only for leaching of pollutants and thereby activating the internal organs, but for perfect overall relaxation. The immediate effect is a pleasant relaxation and mild fatigue.

  • cca 1 hr. back massage - 500 CZK

Hot stones massage

Massage that reliably rid the body of chronic fatigue and charge it with energy, effective in combating depression and stress, and also beneficial for relieving back and joints. The advantage of this massage is that it combines several factors - special massage techniques and heat from hot lava stones, which goes into stiff muscles. This completely frees the mind and body from stress and tension. The extraordinary effectiveness of this massage is based on specific characteristics of lava stones. Not only do they accumulate heat very well, but together with the heat some metal anions are released into the body  as well. This contributes to rapid tissue regeneration. Stones also have an extremely strong energy vibration.

  • partial massage (neck, back) - 500 CZK
  • full body massage (2 hrs.) - 900 CZK


  • via the Hotel reception: 491 580 211 / or via the Congress & Wellness reception: 491580240.
  • massage room: the congress&wellness basement
  • week days: according to individual agreement - possibility: only on Monday and on Friday
  • weekends: according to individual agreement  (and the price is 30% higher)
  • payment: in cash, directly to the lady masseuse


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