By submitting data participant agrees with the inclusion of them completed
personal data in the database administrator with their subsequent processing
manager for the offering of services, including the sending of information about organized events
and other activities and for the purpose of sending commercial messages by
electronic means according to Act no. 480/2004 Coll., on time
indefinite, ie. to the withdrawal of consent. The personal data will be
processed only by the administrator and will not be made without the consent of the participant
third party. Subscriber acknowledges that it has rights according to § 11, 21 of the Act. no.
101/2000 Coll., Ie. Especially that providing information is voluntary, that his
consent can charge at any time revoke administrator, he has the right
access to personal data and the right to rectify these data,
blocking incorrect personal data, disposal, etc. In the case of
doubts about the rights of administrator can turn on the controller.
The administrator of all personal information obtained by the above methods it considers
confidential and use it only for private use within the meaning of the Act no. 101/2000
Coll., And only for the purpose above.
The participant may request deletion of personal data.
It also has the right to revoke its consent to the use or processing
their personal data with future effect.

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